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Who is Chuck Tingle?

Chuck Tingle is an erotica author with quite the interesting back catalogue.

Pounded By The Gay Unicorn Football Squad I'm Gay For My Living Billionaire Jet Plane Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting

Author of such tales as "Pounded by President Bigfoot" and "Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner", Tingle describes himself as a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster, and a PhD in holistic massage. Whether he practices the two simultaneously is not clear.

He follows only Taylor Swift.

Tingle refers to his self-published sex romps as "Tinglers", and to be honest, we don't think he's producing them quick enough. So we created this page to get those creative juices flowing, and ONLY the creative juices.

Take a look at Tingle's current Tinglers on Amazon, or better yet, check out some reviews.


@theotherelliott and @CyTheSomething found out about Dr. Tingle over dinner and immediately went searching for a thesaurus and a dinosaur book.

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